Rick Owens

Rick Owens 2017SS Leather Bomber Jacket | リックオウエンス 2017s/s レザーボマージャケット

Rick Owens



Season: 2017s/s

Item code: RU17S9775-LVT

Size: Unknown (48 or 50, Maybe former)

Color: DINGE

Material: Lamb Leather

Shoulder to shoulder: 42.5cm

Chest: 52cm

Length: 62cm (back length)

Sleeve Length: 77cm


It is the flight jacket which Rick Owens produces regularly. Since it is a standard item, there is a lot of information on the web, and I thought it might be unnecessary to post it, but I will post it anyway. Also, this is an error product. The size notations are different between the lining and the size the quality display tag. Guessing from the actual size, I think it’s 48, but I’m not sure.