SAINT LAURENT by Anthony Vaccarello 2021Pre-Fall 2022SS Belt | サンローラン バイ アンソニーヴァカレロ 2021プレフォール~2022s/s ベルト



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Season: 2021Pre-Fall, 2022s/s

Item code: GRZ 669889

Size: 85

Color: Antique gold, Black

Material: Metal, Leather

The tip of the buckle to the nearest hole: 80cm

The tip of the buckle to the furthest hole: 90cm

Total length: 100cm

Width: 3cm


Saint Laurent belt by Anthony Vaccarello. Although it is an item that can be used by both men and women, the collection’s looks were predominantly women’s. The first appearance is the 2021 pre-fall collection. It was also used in the 2022SS collection. For men’s, the same type of buckle with different colors, and a model with a different leather part appeared in the fall and winter of 2021 with only one look. As of May 2023, the same model with a silver buckle (smooth leather) is sold in the men’s category on the online store, and an image of a certain big designer wearing it has been uploaded on Instagram. He often wears Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent.