CELINE Boot Jodhpur Jacno In Suede Calfskin | セリーヌ ヒールブーツ ジャクノ ジョドプール カーフスエードレザー




Item code: 791858

Size: 41

Color: Black

Material: Calf suede


These are the “Jacno” boots that have been continuously sold at CELINE (although they have recently disappeared from the online store, they may be discontinued). The boot features a high sloping heel and a low, slightly rounded pointed toe. For me, SAINT LAURENT boots are basically 41, but I felt that the 41 of these boots was a little loose (personal impression). I found it a little difficult to put on because my feet moved a little in the shoes and the heel was high. SAINT LAURENT’s “Vassili” with a similar heel height is 41, which is just right for my feet.