DRK SHDW by Rick Owens

DRK SHDW by Rick Owens 2006AW Denim Trucker Jacket | ダークシャドウ バイ リックオウエンス デニムトラッカージャケット

DRK SHDW by Rick Owens



Season: 2006-2007a/w

Size: XS

Color: Pearl

Material: Cotton


An early denim jacket from DRK SHDW. The design that took a large amount of cloth at the seam and folded it back, which was seen in some items of Rick Owens at the time, is impressive. It felt really cool at the time. The color is pearl (it may have been dust, but it’s actually an item I’ve already let go of), and it’s hard-washed denim with product dyeing to give it a unique look.