HELMUT LANG “Re-Edition” Denim Trucker Jacket With Stripes | ヘルムートラング 復刻 ストライプペイントジージャン




Item code: L01RW101

Size: S


Material: RED STRIPE DENIM (Cotton)


In my personal opinion, the HELMUT LANG brand, after being transferred to Link Theory Japan and Helmut Lang himself retiring, was not able to create a product that could be called HELMUT LANG. It can’t be helped, and I wrote it in another article, but it’s impossible to make a HELMUT LANG’s products other than Mr. Helmut Lang. Even if they tried to copy it, it would only be a crude copy of the surface, and it was impossible to say, “Make LANG’s product. It’s not the same design, it must be new and looks like LANG.” For that reason, when many fans heard about this reproduction plan, I think they thought, “That’s fine,” but what was actually produced was only a degraded copy. There was no. The same goes for the denim jacket I posted this time. However, this may be unavoidable because it was probably reprinted as a women’s category. After the acquisition by Link Theory Japan, it seems that the archive was sold at a family sale, so I guess that there was not much left of the past legacy. In addition, since it is an item in the women’s category, the sizing is small. Although the sleeves are long.