RAF SIMONS 2020SS High-Neck Sweatshirt | ラフシモンズ 2020s/s ハイネックスウェット


IMAGES (Never worn, size S)

IMAGES (size M)

SPEC (size M)

Season: 2020s/s

Item code: 201-155-19003-00099 Sweatshirt with wording

Size: M

Color: Black

Material: Cotton

Shoulder to shoulder: 77cm

Chest: 62cm

Length: 73cm (back length)

Sleeve Length: 51cm


The 2020SS RAF SIMONS collection was said to be a collection that angered recent events, but as a longtime fan, it was also an exciting season with many items reminiscent of past works. It was also the season when many good products were lined up on sale, probably because the timing of ordering by each store was before the pandemic, and it was the beginning of the pandemic when it was lined up in stores. The item to be posted this time is the oversized high-necked top that RAF SIMONS announced for three seasons after taking a break for one season. The seams between the body and sleeves are unique. The armholes are made horizontal when shoulder is dropped. The print is a 2005SS revival. The text is different. Personally, I prefer these high-necked items over hoodies. This is because I don’t have to consider interference with the outer.