ラフシモンズ 2010s/s ブレザージャケット|RAF SIMONS 2010SS Blazer Jacket




Season: 2010s/s

Size: 46

Color: Grey

Material: Wool, Viscose

Shoulder to shoulder: 42cm

Chest: 46cm

Length: 70cm (back length)

Sleeve Length: 65cm



2010SS RAF SIMONS presented a collection with the impression of “the climax of RAF SIMONS for adults.” The previous season, 2009AW, had a well-tailored style, but the collection also had a strong modern art style that used a lot of neoprene material. In the 2010SS season, he also subdued that, presenting a suit-focused collection. The line was also not the narrow shouldered A-line jacket of the past, but it had slightly wider shoulders and a narrower waist (for RAF SIMONS ), giving it a mature shape. Wool and viscose mixed fabrics are smooth and beautiful, and I think they are simple and good items. I personally have the impression that the 2010SS collection wasn’t very well received. I think the reason is that the brand is forcibly changing the main target and giving the impression that the style is not avant-garde. However, looking at the item alone, for example, I think this jacket is beautiful and good.