DIOR MEN|Dior homme

Dior homme by Kris Van Assche Uniform Jacket | ディオールオム (クリスヴァンアッシュ期) ユニフォーム風ジャケット

DIOR MEN|Dior homme



Item code: 0H3124191142

Size: 44

Color: Black

Material: Wool, Cashmere

Shoulder to shoulder: 40cm

Chest: 45cm

Length: 71cm (back length)

Sleeve Length: 63cm


I personally don’t have a very good impression of Kris Van Assche’s Dior homme, but I love this jacket. The design looks like something an executive from a secret agency would wear in a certain sci-fi anime, the fabric is shiny and soft and beautiful (it gets a little dusty), and although the sleeves and body are extremely thin, it still has ample range of motion. The cutting that is done is excellent. If you like slim clothes, this item is a must try.