DIOR MEN|Dior homme

Dior homme 2002SS “Boys Don’t Cry” Easy Pants | ディオールオム 2002s/s 「ボーイズ・ドント・クライ」期 イージーパンツ

DIOR MEN|Dior homme


Season: 2002s/s

Item code: 2EH1017076

Size: 46

Color: Black

Material: Cotton

Waist(along the inner waist): 92cm

Rise: 25cm

Inseam: 83cm (hemmed)

Hem width: 26cm

Total length: 104cm (hemmed)


At that time, there were few dealers in Japan, and it was a very rare Dior homme item. It was the 2002AW items that were sold at a special venue at Isetan. After that, it was in the 2003SS that Dior homme regularly opened stores in department stores. I don’t remember if the store in Omotesando was opened at the same time. If I look in fashion magazines of the time, I’ll probably find an article. For this reason, only a limited number of select shops sold Dior homme items for the 2002SS season, so the distribution volume itself was extremely small. These pants are very rare, but to be honest, they don’t feel very special. The belt loop protrudes a little from the waistband, which is typical of Hedi Slimane’s design at the time, but the item itself is an orthodox two-tuck easy pants. The waist is a type that tightens with a string of the same fabric. I remember that at the time, it was introduced as “inspired by the dogi”.