DIOR MEN|Dior homme

ディオールオム バイ エディスリマンのバギーパンツ|Dior homme by Hedi Slimane Baggy Pants

DIOR MEN|Dior homme



Item code: 3EH1016084

Season: 2003s/s

Size: 44

Material: Polyester,Cotton

Waist(along the inner waist): 83cm

Rise: 33cm(including waistband)

Inseam: 78cm (hemmed)

Hem width: 34cm

Total length: 107cm (hemmed)



It is an early item of Dior homme by Hedi Slimane, which features an elegant style characterized by long, lean, and solid. Whether Hedi liked it, polyester and cotton materials were frequently used throughout the entire period in the his collection at Dior.