Levi's RED

リーバイスレッドのサードシーズン「リーガルバンド」|Levi’s RED 3rd Season “LEGAL BANNED”

Levi's RED



Item code: 2030.11.41 95910 T27 10/00 WPL-423

Season: 2001s/s

Size: 32/32

Material: Cotton, Polyurethane

Waist(along the inner waist): 90cm

Hem width: 20cm

Total length: 105cm



This is the “LEGAL BANNED”, which has a strange atmosphere even in Levi’s RED’s third season, there are many denim items using stretch fabric. At the time, I wore one of the left ones at the local “United Arrows”, but I didn’t think it was cool at all. I felt like a penguin. However, when I wore it recently, I felt something like Rick Owens, and I thought it might be good. I also posted the actual size, however, since the material is stretch denim and it has been a long time since it was manufactured, there are large individual differences.