Levi's RED

リーバイスレッド 2nd エラスティックデニム ジーンズ|Levi’s RED 2nd Season Elastic Denim Jeans

Levi's RED


Material: Cotton, Polyurethane

Size: 32×32



The second season of Levi’s red jeans, which made a striking debut with experimental pattern making and design. The draping pattern follows the technique of the first season, with the side pockets becoming vertical pockets like slacks and the hip pockets becoming slit pockets. In addition, the color fading like the light reflected on the wall of the pool is beautiful. The best design feature is the alphabet print with “RED” surrounded by a red frame. The material is stretch denim that uses polyurethane. I think it depends on how well you choose your size, but I’m using stretch denim even though it’s not particularly tight sizing. I think this is nonsense. European brands often use fabrics made from polyurethane. I personally don’t like it because I don’t want the quality to deteriorate over time.