Rick Owens

リックオウエンス 2005-2006a/w ミリタリーユニフォームジャケット|Rick Owens 2005AW Military Uniform Jacket

Rick Owens

Images (Velor)

Images (Vintage like cotton)

Spec (Velor, S size)

Season: 2005-2006a/w (MOOG)


Size: S

Shoulder to shoulder: 41cm

Chest: 46cm

Length: 72cm

Sleeve Length: 72cm

Spec (Vintage like cotton, XS size)

Item code: RU 6761 /D


Season: 2005-2006a/w (MOOG)

Size: XS

Shoulder to shoulder: 40cm

Chest: 45cm

Length: 77cm

Sleeve Length: 75cm



It is a jacket with a military uniform motif of Rick Owens when he did not hold a men’s show yet. It has a narrow line and is especially narrow at the waist. Rick Owens around this time has many items that seem to be the purpose of “making standard men’s clothes using Rick Owens materials and cutting”, and there are many cases that can be used habitually for a long time. At a select shop I was familiar with, they ordered a vintage cotton “dust” color (it was sand beige) and it was a good one. Today (2023.03.19), hard wash items may be a little difficult to use.In addition, this season’s velor fabric has a slightly stiff brushed impression.