Rick Owens

リックオウエンス 2005s/s「SCORPIO」ボマージャケット|Rick Owens 2005SS “SCORPIO” Bomber Jacket

Rick Owens





Item code: RU 2752 /SE

Size: S


Material: Silk,Nylon or Polyester (according to my memory…)



It is a bomber jacket of Rick Owens that there was still little information at that time. In Japan, I was only exposed to occasional interviews in fashion magazines and being used in styling. It really took off in 2006SS. Therefore, there is a tendency for items from 2006SS and earlier to have a low distribution volume. This bomber jacket was a women’s model on the runway, but as you can see from the size chart, this is a men’s item. The sizing is not tight, but it is a regular fit that is never oversized, and the hem is dropped in the front. Silk and synthetic fabrics are smooth and beautiful with a natural sheen. Another feature of 2005SS collection is that strings with metal parts are attached to the zipper pulls.