Rick Owens

リックオウエンス 2004-2005a/w「QUEEN」フライトジャケット|Rick Owens 2004AW “QUEEN” Flight Jacket

Rick Owens


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Color: Black

Season: 2004-2005a/w (QUEEN)

Material: Silk, Nylon (Padding: Polyester)

Size: S

Shoulder to shoulder: 46cm

Chest: 66cm

Length: 67cm (back length)

Sleeve Length: 71cm



At that time, it was a Rick Owens flight jacket that was still a brand that was known only to those in the know. At the time it was still relatively conforming to the source material and not a tight sizing. At the time, leather felt heavy, but this item is light, soft, and easy to wear. Even so, the hem of Rick Owens blousons around this time is especially made to fall in the front, and the back may be cold.