DIOR MEN|Dior homme

Dior homme by Hedi Slimane Black Denim Pants | ディオールオム バイ エディスリマン ブラックデニムパンツ

DIOR MEN|Dior homme


Size: 29

Color: Black

Material: Cotton

Waist(along the inner waist): 81cm (shrunk)

Rise: 25cm

Inseam: 97cm

Hem width: 18cm

Total length: 120cm


Dior homme black denim. Italian denim, slightly thinner and smoother than most Japanese denim models. Unlike the regular model, the button that opens the front of the rivet is black, and the weft is gray instead of white, giving it a darker overall impression than the regular model. It’s a good item, but since it was originally non-washed and size 29, it shrunk by about one size after washing. And it’s one size smaller for me, and it’s an item that’s hard to use. But I can wear it. I remember a long time ago when I was able to buy it at a relatively low price when it came out in the outlet sales channel.