DIOR MEN|Dior homme

Dior homme 2004SS High-top Sneaker | ディオールオム 2004s/s ハイトップスニーカー

DIOR MEN|Dior homme


Season: 2004s/s

Item code: SNKC3903R W0A3 | B03 HIGH SNEAKERS

Size: 42

Color: White

Material: Leather

Outsole length: 30cm


These sneakers were worn by Hedi Slimane, who came to Japan at the Dior homme event (I remember reading about it in a magazine at the time). Wear Dior homme’s narrow-leg jeans over the shaft of this sneaker to create a nice cushion at the bottom of the jeans. Therefore, the ankle area is hidden, but it is meaningful to be a high top. The original material of the design seems to be Converse 80s vintage, but it is arranged in a sharp shape.