RAF BY RAF SIMONS 2007SS “1998AW Re-production” Cargo Pants | ラフバイラフシモンズ 2007s/s 「1998-1999a/w復刻」カーゴパンツ




Season: 2007s/s

Size: 31

Color: Black (coated)

Material: Cotton

Waist(along the inner waist): 86cm

Rise: 26cm

Inseam: 84cm

Hem width: 19cm


RAF BY RAF SIMONS denim pants that reproduce the cargo pants released in the 1998AW season of Rough Simmons. Some details have been changed compared to the original, such as changing the hip pocket and changing the silhouette. At the 2007SS exhibition, the prototype of this reproduction model was displayed for retailers. They have a thinner leg line than the product version, and they have an impression closer to the original than the product version. There were four types of them by material (Non-coated warp and weft black denim, washed black denim with white weft, stretch cotton material with stripes on green gray fabric, and coated black denim similar to the product version). Washed black denim with white weft was published in Japanese fashion magazines at the time, but I have never seen the actual product. I wonder if the difference between non-coated denim and coated denim is just the presence or absence of coating, but coated denim is softer and easier to wear. I don’t know why only the coated denim remained as the product version (the select shop I was close to ordered only the type that was not commercialized, and it was canceled). Personally, I prefer the sample version with a thinner leg line. Also, the size of the sample version was a little smaller than the product version.