Rick Owens

Dr.Martens x Rick Owens Lace-up Boots “1460 BEX DS/SS RO” | ドクターマーチン x リックオウエンス レースアップブーツ

Rick Owens

Images (Black)

Spec (Black)

Item code: 1460 BEX DS RO 27019001

Size: EU42 (US9, UK8)

Color: Black

Images (Pearl, Light Taupe)

Spec (Pearl, Light Taupe)

Item code: 1460 BEX SS RO 27023696

Size: EU42 (US9, UK8)

Color: Pearl (Light Taupe)


These lace-up boots are a collaboration between Dr. Martens and Rick Owens. In addition to customizing Rick Owens’ “Mega-Lace” specification based on Dr. Martens’ boots, it is a special specification with slight changes such as stitching and heel tabs. I love size 42 for Rick Owens sneakers “Geo Basket”, and I love size 41-42 for Rick Owens boots, so I thought “42 is fine” and bought this size, but it was a little big. I think it would have been better to drop one size down to 41.