Rick Owens

Rick Owens Calf Leather Trucker Jacket | リックオウエンス カーフレザートラッカージャケット

Rick Owens



Item code: RU7761 /LB

Size: XS

Color: DUST

Material: Calf Leather

Shoulder to shoulder: 43cm

Chest: 47cm

Length: 58cm (back length)

Sleeve Length: 68cm


Rick Owens leather trucker jacket. It’s a 2008SS or 2009SS model, but I’m not sure which one because I got it from an outlet store. Had The button already changed in the 2009SS? I don’t remember it. Perhaps there are people who can judge. There are people in Japan who are very knowledgeable. The material is calf leather with an impression that is neither thick nor thin. Sizing is compact. This was originally an error product. One of the sleeves had a twisted lining, which made it cheaper. I repaired the error part by myself, but it was hard. Open the lining, untie the armholes, and sew again… It went very well, and I remember being more and more attached to it because it was a satisfactory result.