NeIL BarreTT

NeIL BarreTT 2004SS Cargo Pants | ニールバレット 2004s/s カーゴパンツ

NeIL BarreTT



Season: 2004s/s

Item code: BPA26T28

Size: 46

Color: Light Gray

Material: Cotton

Waist(along the inner waist): 84cm

Rise: 26cm

Inseam: 88cm

Hem width: 28cm


Cargo pants from the once popular NeIL BarreTT. Personally, I liked the early collections, which had a strong influence on the style of the PRADA. Specifically, until the 2003SS. Since the 2003AW, items with a strong distressed feel, which was the trend at the time, have gradually increased, and although I liked them at that time, I honestly don’t think I would want to pick up the archives and wear them now (in 2023). I think it’s difficult considering the trends. The items featured this time are the 2004SS products. The collection was based on the concept of “a stylish grandchild mixing grandpa’s clothes with his own.” Although I still like Neil’s 2004SS, but…