Rick Owens

リックオウエンス 2007s/s 「DRAKE」期 テーラードジャケット|Rick Owens 2007SS “DRAKE” Tailored Jacket

Rick Owens

Images (BLACK, material “DC”, size S)

Spec (BLACK, material “DC”, size S)

Season: 2007s/s “DRAKE”

Item code: RU 7750 /DC

Size: S

Color: Black

Material: Wool, Silk

Shoulder to shoulder: 42.5cm

Chest: 48cm

Length: 74.5cm (back length)

Sleeve Length: 75cm

Images (DUST, material “C”, size XS)

Spec (DUST, material “C”, size XS)

Season: 2007s/s “DRAKE”

Item code: RU 7750 /C

Size: XS

Color: DUST

Material: Wool

Shoulder to shoulder: 41cm

Chest: 48cm

Length: 73cm (back length)

Sleeve Length: 73cm



2007SS by Rick Owens, which had unusually different collection titles for men’s and women’s. It is the tailored jacket of the season. Rumor has it that it was produced in a factory that also produces Brioni products, so it is a well-tailored and beautiful jacket. Rick Owens’ outerwear around this time had a champagne gold lining on the sleeves, which is also cool. The buttonhole on the face of the sleeve is not drilled and is left open. It’s also good to be like Rick Owens at the time.